The Malaga Festival advances some of the titles to competition in its 24 edition, from June 3rd to 13th.

‘The Best Families’ alongside with ‘El vientre del mar’, ‘La casa del caracol’, ‘Destello bravío’ y ‘Amalgama’, will participate in the Sección oficial of the Festival this summer.

The Best Families (Las Mejores Familias) directed by Javier Fuentes-León and signs the script for this co-production of Peru and Colombia, produced by El Calvo Films and Dynamo. The Best Families is a humorous comedy black that addresses structural problems of Peruvian society -and not only Peruvian- as classism and racism. Tatiana Astengo, Gabriela Velázquez, Gracia Olayo, Grapa Paola, Jely Reátegui, Sonia Seminario, Giovanni Ciccia, César Ritter, Marco Zunino, Roberto Cano, Vanessa Saba and Jimena Lindo form the cast.

Luzmila and Peta are two sisters who come from a modest environment and work as housemaids for Alicia and Carmen, two aristocratic ladies of Peru. They are almost considered a part of the families or, at least, that’s what it seems… But one day, as the city is taken over by violent protests, a birthday celebration gathers all the members of both families together. A long-held secret involving both households — upstairs and downstairs — is suddenly revealed, blowing up the bubble of their perfect aristocratic world forever.

See the film info here.

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