On Tuesday afternoon spanish sales agents have presented one of their features currently selling in the Cinema From Spain panel, at the Marché du Film.

The presentation was moderated by Tito Rodríguez (marketing policy director at ICAA) and it was divided in four blocks: one to each of the participating companies (Latido Films, Filmax, Moonrise Pictures and Bendita Films).

Latido presented ‘Tales of the Lockdown’. a new feature which will launch on Amazon Prime Video in Spain next month. This movie is directed by five spanish filmmakers and it talks about life under quarantine. Each of the five stories is distinct, but contributes to the film as a whole.

Latido head Antonio Saura praised the attitude of the film, noting that while there will be many films about the pandemic, this will be special because it is a lighthearted take on the strict conditions Spaniards lived under for three months.


More info here: https://variety.com/2020/film/global/sales-agents-pitch-cinema-from-spain-at-marche-du-film-1234646837/

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