LATIDO FILMS wishes to congratulate the directors and producers of MAY GOD SAVE US, THE DISTINGUISHED CITIZEN, BOSCH, THE GARDEN OF DREAMS, J: BEYOND FLAMENCO and JAN’S STORY for their nominations for the Forque Awards.

EGEDA, producers rights management entity, created this awards on 1996 with the purpose of supporting the figure of the producer.

Here we publish the full list of our nominated feature film acquisitions:

Best Fiction Movie

-May God Save Us

Best Male Actor

-Roberto Álamo – May God Save Us

-Óscar Martínez – The Distinguished Citizen

Best Documentary

-Bosch, the Garden of Dreams

-J: Beyond Flamenco

-Jan’s Story

Best Latin American Fiction Movie

-The Distinguished Citizen


LATIDO FILMS also wishes to congratulate the cast and crew involved in the production of this wonderful films.

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