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“AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL”, Rodrigo Grande’s tense, sharply made thriller, was screened last week at Rome’s Film Festival with a great reception of the international press. Grande’s new movie was defined as the most accomplished of his three films, with influences ranging from “Rififi” to “The Great Escape”, intriguing, and his buildup expertly paced.

«Grande cleverly ratchets up the tension by introducing more and more snags, both personal and techat_the_end_of_the_tunnel-h_2016nical, complicating the heist just enough so that viewers are kept in a heightened state of suspense. His attention to detail and a sense of place ensure that our familiarity with the spaces of Joaquin’s house as well as the tunnel (all marvelously realized by art director Mariela Ripodas) keep us focused, allowing him to add notes of temporary confusion.»

Sets are characters in their own right, and Grande, together with D.O.P. Félix Monti, makes terrific use of the opportunities, with ace editing milking taut situations from action that happens simultaneously above and below stairs. In addition, lighting with an abundance of shadows, sets off a decrepit steeliness in certain areas of the house, adding to the mood of muscular grunge-noir.

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Congratulations to all the cast and crew for their amazing work!

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