«Donald Trump’s ultimate nightmare: A mexican lesbian diva who can wring your very soul»

The unmissable documentary. Chavela, by Catherine Gund and Daresha Kyi, is a portrait of11 - Chavela_MajLindstrom the late Mexican singer Chavela Vargas, a near-forgotten artist whose career
underwent a dazzling late-life revival in the 1990s, not least because she became a muse to Pedro Almodóvar. We learn that the young Vargas discovered her performing self when she shocked Mexico City by wearing a masculine combination of trousers and poncho, and her ranchero-style ballads of pain and desolation seem to have made her irresistible as a lover to half the married women in Mexico’s beau monde – as well as, she claimed, to Ava Gardner. The songs are wonderful, testimony to a pioneer who is probably Donald Trump’s ultimate nightmare – a Mexican lesbian diva who can wring your very soul.

Source: The Guardian


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