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«A fable about the collision of two Spanish worlds locked in a mutual misunderstanding, Selfie is perceptive and thought-provoking fare that fails to deliver fully on its striking premise. Small in scale but big in ambition, Victor Garcia Leon’s study of the wanderings of a rich kid fallen on hard times is part comedy, part X-ray of post-crisis Spain and part moral yarn about empathy. But despite a committed performance by debuting actor Santiago Alveru, the film falters over its final stretch». – The Hollywood Reporter-

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The Hollywood Reporter affirms that “Selfie” as bold and satirical as it is, deserves to be exposed in festivals to provide a different look on Spanish movies, a film that merge experimental and reality storytelling.

The film follow the life of Bosco, a rich kid who will have to confront a new chaotic life as a result of his dad’s imprisonment. This will teach him a new way to look life where there are people who can think outside themselves.

The way that the camera goes around Bosco gives to the film a sense of faux documentary joining the concept of a selfie as a way to picture a reality of ourselves. Santiago Alveru does a terrific acting with this character that is both empathic and idiotic.

Victor Garcia Leon shows Spain’ political reality through comedy with a character that maybe he is careful in generating too much sympathy with, but gives as a result a true interesting film.

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