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Latido Films is venturing yet more into the inspiring world of e-sports and viral fame with Goya Award winning producer-helmer Alvaro Longoria’s new doc-feature, “La vida de Brianeitor.” The film serves as a spin-off from Javier Fesser’s Spanish box office smash hit, “Championext,” which Latido is also selling.  

The doc follows Brian Albacete, better known as Brianeitor2022.  With millions of social media followers, an acting role in a top-charting Spanish film “Championext” and a spot on Team Heretics—one of Spain’s leading e-sport entities—Brian is redefining what it means to be a star. And he’s doing it all despite living with muscular dystrophy and spina bifida.

“Javier Fesser…told me Brian was an amazing subject for a doc. I wasn’t really sure until I met him in person,” recalled Alvaro Longoria, the film’s director, and the producer at Morena Films behind “Championext.” Brian’s popularity soared when he began streaming his gaming activities as Brianeitor2022, quickly amassing a dedicated fan base impressed by his skills and infectious personality.

Latido Films discovered Brian seeing images of his performance in “Championext,” and was impressed by his attitude and charisma. Longoria filled the sales company in with Albacete’s extraordinary story. and, recalled Latido head Antonio Saura.

“He also presented us with the documentary he was doing around him, his family, and the circumstances of his life and his dreams and, why not, his amazing achievements in the world of video gaming,” said Saura.  

“We have had the luxury of working in Alvaro Longoria’s ‘Tequila, Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll’ and has been following his multi Goya Award career, both as a producer and most recently as one of the leading documentary directors in Spain, and we can very well say that ‘La vida de Brianeitor’ is one of his best films, touching, heart breaking, a lesson of life,” Saura added.

Longoria is no stranger to exploring hidden worlds, as evidenced by his 2015 North Korean documentary, “The Propaganda Game.” This time it’s a world of entertainment hidden from many over the age of 20. “I believe we need to normalize the new ways in which youngsters are entertaining themselves, and we must avoid demonizing all social media as it also offers opportunities for people who, like Brian, can excel only there.” said Longoria. 

Diego Sora, chief strategy officer of Team Heretics, echoes this sentiment in the film, pointing out that its organization ranks as Spain’s fourth-largest sports property on social media, just behind giants like Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

The documentary is set to close the Made in Spain section at San Sebastian Film Festival. “I believe this to be an inspirational movie, someone who seems to have nothing becomes an example and his life is an adventure, a unique but amazing adventure,” concluded Longoria.

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