After screening last Tuesday in San Sebastian’s Latin Horizons sidebar, RARA has been dubbed the «real jewel» of the festival and her director Pepa San Martin as the new revelation director of Chilean new cinema.

According Carlos Loureda from Fotogramas: «What is truly strange is that this gem wasn’t placed in the OfficialRARA 3 competition or that it would leave San Sebastian without any more awards”. In addition, last Tuesday Pepa San Martin’s feature debut was the winner of this year’s LGBT Sebastiane-Latino Award.

Subtly and skillfully filmed by Pepa San Martín, she examines the tensions of a split family from a masterful point of view. Instead of falling into the easy choice of reporting the story as a social injustice drama, she opts for an angle where the balance, naturalness and the narrative elegance are the strengths of this touching story.

San Martin, who wrote the drama with Alicia Scherson already reaped accolades at last year’s Films in Progress section, where it was screened unfinished and generated huge buzz between the buyers.

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Congratulations to all the cast and crew for their amazing work!

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