By Emiliano De Pablos

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Following the successful path plowed by the first part of the saga, Madrid-based Latido Films has taken international sales rights outside Spain and Latin America to “A todo tren 2” (“The Kids Are Alright 2”), the latest family comedy from “Torrente” creator-star Santiago Segura, one of the biggest comedic talents in the Spanish-speaking world.

Released Dec. 2 in Spain by Warner Bros. Pictures, the new comedy adventure has maintained the audience interest of its predecessor, leading box office charts with €2.9 million ($3.1 million) and 469,470 viewers after two weeks.

The film toplines this time Paz Vega (“Spanglish,” “There Are No Saints,” “The Kids Are Alright”) and Paz Padilla (“La que se avecina,” “The Kids Are Alright”) playing respectively Clara and Susana.

In the story, a year ago Ricardo (Segura) was the chosen parent to take all the kids, accompanied by grandfather Felipe (Leo Harlem), to a summer camp, but unfortunately get locked outside the train leaving the children inside. This time round, Clara, the mother, doesn’t trust them and decides to take the children with her friend Susana. However, another accident separates them once more from their wards.

In addition to playing Ricardo’s once more, Segura co-wrote the script with Marta González de Vega and co-heads with María Luisa Gutiérrez its production company Bowfinger International Pictures, which has been involved in two other huge comedy smash-hit franchises, “Torrente” and “Father There Is Only One.”

In “The Kids Are Alright 2,” Inés de León, who also plays a character, has taken over from Segura as the film’s director.

Cast also includes Leo Harlem, El Cejas and Florentino Fernández, plus children Luna Fulgencio, Sirena Segura, Alan Miranda, Eneko Otero, Javier García and Verónica López, all reprising their characters from the first part of the saga.

Presented by Segura and distributed in Spain by Warner, “The Kids Are Alright 2” is a María Luisa Gutiérrez production that teams Bowfinger with Atresmedia Cine and A Todo Tren 2 LP, with the participation of Atresmedia and Movistar Plus, in association with Mogambo and Latido.

“A todo tren: Destino Asturias” (“The Kids Are Alright”) became the highest grossing Spanish film of 2021, the second year where Spain still suffered the impact of COVID-19, earning $9.1  million and selling 1,5 million tickets.

Handled by Latido, “The Kids Are Alright” also generated strong business at the international market.

“With a great collaboration from Bowfinger, Atresmedia and Warner we had sufficient clout to reach some markets,” said Latido Films CEO Antonio Saura.

“Selling to HBO Latin America was surely a plus for the film. Then we reached the U.S. with Somos, Eastern Europe with HBO again, the whole Russian area of influence – before the war started – with Capella, Gabo Pictures for China and some great other minor sales, meant that most of the world’s population now can enjoy this fantastic comedy,” he noted.”The combination of really good production values, a family movie, and a fantastic concept are the keys,” argued Juan Torres, Latido head of sales.

“Also, of course, the amazing box office results in Spain triggered the curiosity of buyers. A great cast, with very well known comedy actors in Spain and Latin America, and a great team of kids. All add up, of course,” Torres said.

“For the sequel we count on all the above, plus the presence of Paz Vega, who is splendid in her return to comedy. Paz is a great asset to add to a very solid cast with some of the top comedians in Spain, in an already powerful screenplay. And although this time Segura is not helming, first time director and actress Ines de León shows great control of what a comedy requires,” Saura enthused

Latido plans the international market premiere of “The Kids Are Alright 2” at the upcoming 2023 Berlin European Film Market.

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