Spanish sales outfit Latido Films is strengthening its links with Latin American cinema at every market, and Cannes is no exception. After a reported sales agents’ bidding war at this festival, the Madrid-based company has scored two key Latin American deals at the start of the Marché, boarding international sales for Siete Cabezas directed by Jaime Osorio Marquez (El Paramo) and Killing Jesus, the debut feature of Laura Mora which was Selected as a project for the 2015 Berlinale Co-Production Market. They are two of the most anticipated Colombian films of the year.

Diana Bustamante, who produced Land And Shade and is on the Critics’ Week jury this year, is a driving force in the new wave of Latin American cinema. She has teamed up with Dynamo, the producer of Netflix-backed TV series Narcos, to produce Siete Cabezas. The film is a psychological thriller about two biologists sent to a natural park to investigate the mysterious death of the creatures in it.

Bustamante described the film as “an intense and intimate story about the darkness of the soul”.

Killing Jesus is a co-production between 64A Films and AZ Films. The dramatic thriller revolves around a young Colombian student who accidentally crosses paths with her father’s assassin and is forced to define the limits of her own humanity.

Diego Ramirez co-founder of 64-A FILM affirms that the film is “The frustration of not knowing who killed her father, or why, makes her desire for vengeance grow. So she tracks down the murderer to kill him”.

He added: “The film revolves around how that desire for revenge in turn grows into a need for reflection on Colombia’s current situation. All movies have a responsibility, and this one does all the more because of the historical moment we are now living. ‘Killing Jesus’ asks if revenge by victims solves a personal situation. In the end, it doesn’t solve anything at all.”

In the words of Juan Torres, head of international sales at Latido “’Killing Jesus’ is good proof of the quality, depth and market reach that Colombian cinema can show,”


Mora previously co-directed Caracol TV’s milestone series “Escobar, El Patrón del Mal,” alongside Carlos Moreno, who asked her to come on board after seeing her award-winning shorts “West,” “Brotherhood” and “Salomé.”

Features produced by 64-A Films include Moreno’s Sundance players “Dog Eat Dog” and “All Your Dead Ones.” As a production services provider in Colombia, the company has worked on Ken Sanzel’s “Blunt Force Trauma.”

Latido has also secured a deal to sell Mexican film Help Me Make It Through The Night, directed by Jose Ramon Chavez Delgado and winner of the audience award in Guadalajara. The company’s line-up in Cannes also includes Memories From The Cell, by Uruguayan director Alvaro Brechner, currently in production.


Source:  Variety // Screendaily


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