We are delighted to announce the new acquisition to our growing lineup of multi-prized and first-time feature directors. PLAYGROUND, the Polish horror movie inspired by real events, marks the fiction feature debut of Bartosz M. Kowalski, best known for two documentary features for HBO Europe, like THE DREAM IN THE MAKING, which won the top prize in the Polish film competition at 2013’s Krakow Festival.

In PLAYGROUND, written and directed by himself, Kowalski depicts the lives of three high school students — two cocksure boys, one girl — in aA08 small town in Poland as they have breakfast, then attend their school’s end-of-year speech day. After callously humiliating the girl, the boys head for the local shopping mall to play video games. What happens next is inspired by real events which, occurring over a decade ago, traumatized Poland.

According to Antonio Saura, executive director of Latido Fims: “This is not a movie that leaves you untouched. Once finished — if you can finish watching it in one go — it makes you think about the world we are creating for our children”.

PLAYGROUND may add Kowalski’s name to a string of young Poles helping to drive a renaissance in Polish filmmaking.

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