DSC00576_-minBeing acclaimed in Toronto and San Sebastian, KILLING JESUS is captivating audiences and making Laura Mora’s first feature a complete a success.

The story of a young girl, Paula, who is driven by her anger, frustration and pain, finding revenge as the only choice after witnessing the cold-blooded murder of her father, thus leading her to befriend his father’s murderer.

Being a semi-biographical story, Laura Mora found in this film a catharsis. “This narrative, and the film’s nervy energy, should help it connect with audiences beyond the festival circuit.” –Screen Daily-

Laura wrote a first draft of the story as a result of a dream in which she met the man who killed her father. After years of trying to forget what happened and staying as far as possible from Colombia, she decides to start working in this film and tell a story of violence and vengeance that is also a snapshot of Medellín today.

“Edgy, uncomfortable and driven by a crackling energy, the picture uses non-professional actors cast for verisimilitude. This choice lends the film an abrasive authenticity”. –Screen Daily- 

Natasha Jaramillo (Paula) is a Visual Arts student as her character, and Giovanni Rodríguez (Jesus) has a difficult background with violence context. Laura Mora found them in different parts of the city and knew they were perfect to star the film. – El Espectador –

The film builds constant tension and its explosive climax leaves audiences reeling.

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