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MALAGA — Opening last Friday with “Dragonkeeper,” also in competition, Spain’s Malaga Festival, its biggest dedicated event for movies from Spain and Latin America, is studded by latest films by Isaki Lacuesta – “Saturn Return,” reportedly fun, broad audience and radical – David Trueba – “The Good Man,” small scale but almost certainly ingratiating – and Antonio Chavarrías’ “Holy Mother,” about an extraordinary real life female figure in Spain’s 9th century Reconquista.

“Saturn Return,” (Isaki Lacuesta, Pol Rodríguez, Spain, France)

Probably Malaga Festival’s biggest buzz title, inspired by Spanish band Los Planetas but since “films about bands or albums are full of lies,” as one character comments, more about the legend of how they made their third album, which changed the course of Spanish indie rock, told through a haze of chain drug use, cigarette smoke, faulty recall, fantasy and flipped POVs. Double Golden Shell winner Lacuesta directs will Pol Rodríguez, who co-directed doc series “Year Zero,” produced among others by Kathryn Bigelow. La Terraza, Aralan, Ikiru, Bteam Prods, Sideral, Capricci, Los Ilusos – produce, tapping into national and regional TV coin and funds. Latido initiates sales at Málaga.

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