Upcoming Rodrigo Sorogoyen’s film will be co-produced by LE PACTE, Paris-based arthouse film company. The bold Spanish production already counts with international sales by Latido Films, local distribution by Warner Bros, free-to-air TV by Atresmedia and pay TV rights by Movistar+ in Spain.

Le Pacte continues its commitment with Sorogoyen’s career after acquire French distribution rights for “May God Save Us”, a film also produced by Tornasol Films.

Co-written by Sorogoyen and regular co-writer Isabel Peña, ‘El Reino’ tells the story of a corrupt politician who has to defend his actions when brought to account by fellow party members. It will star Antonio De la Torre (“May God Save Us) alongside José María Pou (“Snow White,” “The Sea Inside”) and Bárbara Lennie (“Magical Girl,” “El Niño”).

“As in ‘May God Save Us’ we wanted to make a thriller, a movie with a suspense plot that can hook the audience but that talks about human beings and their darkness, their dilemmas in life. In that case, violence was the central theme, in this one, corruption. Not only political but human. Lying as a lifestyle,” Sorogoyen said.

The film inspired by real-life events has already become “the most talked-about Spanish productions of the upcoming months”. – Variety-

Source: Variety

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