Latido Films, one of Spain’s biggest vendors of Spanish-language arthouse and crossover movies, has swooped on international sales rights to “Unfinished Affairs” (“La Maniobra de la Tortuga”).

Domestic distribution in Spain is handled by A Contracorriente Films, one of Spain’s top independent producer-distributors.

World premiering in main competition at this year’s Malaga Festival, “Unfinished Affairs” marks the second feature from Juan Miguel del Castillo whose debut, 2015’s “Food and Shelter,” proved one of the breakout Spanish debuts of the last decade.

A modern-day part of Spain’s great social-issue arthouse film tradition, “Food and Shelter” cast Natalia de Molina (“Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed”) as a single mother threatened with eviction and struggling to put food on the table for her 10-year-old son.

Re-teaming Del Castillo with De Molina, “Unfinished Affairs” is equally grounded in a social reality – Andalusia’s extraordinary Cadiz –  but adds a larger crime thriller propulsion to the tale of a police inspector, Manuel Bianquetti, who is forced to relocate  to the city.

When the body of a young woman is found on the beach, haunted by memories of his own past Bianquetti refuses to close the case, although proof of the guilty killer could be just fruit of his perilously balanced imagination.

Only his neighbour, a frail nurse threatened by her brutal ex -partner, lends him any real support in his crusade to bring the killer to justice.

“Food and Shelter” won film and actress (De Molina) awards at the 2015 Malaga Festival followed by a Spanish Academy Goya Award for De Molina as lead actress and nominations in the new director and original song categories.

“Unfinished Affairs” is produced by Spain’s Aralan Films, A Contracorriente Films and Argentina’s Aleph Media.

Now president of the Andalusian Film Academy, producer Marta Velasco at Aralan Films (“Out in the Open,” ) is part of a new generation of Andalusian producers who, like Olmo Figueiredo, is establishing a modern-day Andalusian film, TV and big shoot services industry, following in the pioneering wake of Antonio Pérez.

“One of the most promising directors now in Spain, Juan Miguel del Castillo’s ‘Unfinished Affairs’ is his second feature film after the successful award winner ‘Food and Shleter’ and the second which we proudly represent,” said Latido Films head Antonio Saura.  

He added:  “With the crafted production of Marta Velasco, it was logical for Latido to board this eminently auteurist thriller which leaves you thinking at every turn: ‘What will happen next?’ At the same time, we follow with fascination characters who are so well created by fantastic actors in a state of grace.”

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