We’ve have launched talks at the virtual Cannes market on zombie horror Virus 32 (directed by Gustavo Hernández). Gustavo Hernández is the director of the Uruguayan Quinzaine 2010 one-take horror sensation The Silent House (La Casa Muda).

Virus 32 is a co-production of Argentina and Uruguay, between Aeroplano (Argentina) and Mother Superior Films (Uruguay).

Latido has discussed the project during a presentation in the virtual market on Tuesday (June 23).

Óscar Alonso of Latido negociated the Virus 32 deal with producer Sebastian Aloi from Aeroplano.

More info here: https://www.screendaily.com/news/zombie-horror-virus-32-joins-latido-virtual-cannes-slate-exclusive/5150921.article?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Cannes%20daily%202020%202&utm_content=Cannes%20daily%202020%202+CID_d481ab33c0095537ec1fe6361a7d40f4&utm_source=Newsletter&utm_term=Zombie%20horror%20Virus%2032%20joins%20Latido%20virtual%20Cannes%20slate%20exclusive

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