We have the pleasure to inform you about our two new acquisitions: My Heart Goes Boom by Raffaela Carrá and The Heist Of The Century by Ariel Winograd.

My Heart Goes Boom (in Spanish Explota Explota) is «set in the ’70s, it tells the story of María, played by Ingrid García-Jonsson (“Beautiful Youth”), a young woman with a desire of freedom who, after leaving her boyfriend alone at the altar in a church in Rome, travels to Madrid to fulfill her dream of being a professional ballerina.»

More info here

“El Robo” is based on Argentina’s most celebrated heist ever, as true crime booms in Argentina (think “El Clan,” “Monzón”). It stars a powerful cast, led by Guillermo Francella (“The Secret in Their Eyes” and “The Clan”) and Diego Peretti (“En terapia”).

More info here

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