At Huelva Film Festival this year, four films of our catalogue were abundantly rewarded.

MIRIAM LIES, the Dominican Republic and Spanish coproduction, directed by Natalia Cabral and Oriol Estrada, won the Colón de Oro for Best Feature Film at the 44th Festival of Latin-American Cinema of Huelva.

Another one of the big winners of this edition has been A TWELVE-YEAR NIGHT (Spain, Uruguay, France, Argentina) by Álvaro Brechner, who has accumulated four of the official awards, among them the Colón of Silver for Best Director. This film also received the Colón de Plata for Best Technical – Artistic Contribution. The triplet of the Official Jury is completed by the Colón de Plata for Best Actor for Alfonso Tort. It also received the Audience Award for Best Feature, which takes it to in total four official awards, turning it into the most distinguished film of the edition.

The Award ‘Key of the freedom’ has been given to EL PIEDRA by Rafael Martínez Moreno.

A TWELVE-YEAR NIGHT also won the Award for Best Script of the Press Association of Huelva.

The Cima Award for Best Filmmaker was given to Amanda Villavieja, for the sound in MIRIAM LIES.

The Center of Blood Transfusion of Huelva gave the Award for Most Solidary Film to EL PIEDRA.

The Award for Best Feature film from the IES Paul Neruda went to A TWELVE-YEAR NIGHT by Álvaro Brechner.

CARMEN Y LOLA by Arantxa Echevarría received the Camilo Award to freedom.

A TWELVE-YEAR NIGHT  by Álvaro Brechner also won the Casa Award of Latin America.

The León Ortega Art School Award of Huelva for Best Photography went to A TWELVE YEAR NIGHT.

For more info check on the website of the Festival


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