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Drama. Directed by Carla Subirana

Director - Latido Films
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SICA - Latido Films


  • Thais García
  • Núria Prims


The so-called Costa de Morte (coast of death) in Galicia is one of the most terrifyingly beautiful places in the world, a place where the Atlantic Ocean give life to the local people but also takes it away. That is where the story of Sica (an abbreviation of the name Nausica), unfolds. An account about a teenage girl whose relationship with the sea was almost predestined ever since her parents decided to call her Nausica. When her father, a sailor, died in a shipwreck, the girl was forced to take a giant though dangerous leap towards maturity and enter, with all its consequences, a world of adults characterized by selfishness, secrets and lies. In this film, first-time feature director Carla Subirana portrays lovingly and in a Bressonian style that transition resorting to the sincere and emotionally charged performance of debut actress Thais García for whom a gesture is worth more than a thousand words. The threatening magnificence of nature is expressed and captured almost in a pointillistic way by means of long and hypnotic camera shots that are both fascinating and terrifying, on equal terms, backed by an evocative soundtrack.


Sica’s father goes missing after a shipwreck with the threat of a huge storm coming to the village and the silent complicity of the villages not telling her anything, she becomes obsessed in finding out what really happened to her father, was he really fishing, or involved in a less legal business.