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Comedy. Directed by Max Lemcke

Director - Latido Films
Lenguaje - Latido Films
Duración - Latido Films
Género - Latido Films
Productora - Latido Films
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CASUAL DAY - Latido Films


  • Juan Diego Botto
  • Luis Tosar
  • Javier Ríos
  • Alberto San Juan
  • Arturo Valls
  • Álex Angulo
  • Secun de la Rosa
  • Malena Alterio
  • Marta Etura


A devastating social satire that targets the American practice, imported by some multinational companies based in Spain, of organizing extracurricular activities for their employees with the goal of fostering interaction among them, reducing stress, and improving performance. But the Spanish way of life is not the American way… and director Max Lemcke plays this very well to his advantage in crafting a brilliant and biting ensemble comedy, reminiscent of the classics by Berlanga. An excellent cast leads the way, featuring three Goya Award winners: Juan Diego, Luis Tosar, and Albert San Juan. It was chosen as the Best Film of 2009 by the Circle of Cinematographic Writers of Spain.


“CASUAL DAY” is a practice among companies in the United States. Every Friday the employees are invited to replace their suits for informal clothes. Some companies practice the Casual Day in a different way: they go to the country for a day or two to do different activities, promote personal relationship, reduce stress and improve the business activity. Rodrigo has always made what he wanted. He is a smart boy, but now he is in a commitment. José Antonio, the father of his fiancée, has given him an important position in his company: become his successor. On his middle twenties, and without taking any decision he is trapped. He would like to say no to this work, to José Antonio, to Inés, her girlfriend and to this Casual Day story. But to say no, it’s not easy. What in theory it was going to be a mere proceeding, a weekend in the country, will finish deciding the rest of his life.