imagen_upcomingDuring Berlinale, Marysia Nikitiuk and Igor Savychenko had the opportunity to talk with Variety about «WHEN THE TREES FALL» which participates this year in the Panorama Programme

«Marysia Nikitiuk has delivered a genre-blender, a coming-of-age tale laced with a local mob sub-plot, vignettes of misery, in country and city alike and a magic realism» 

Nikitiuk talk about her experience working  with different script tutors and how she  was very careful for not losing the most important and vital core of the film. The screenplay  won the Kieslowski award for best script at Cannes in 2016, as part of ScriptEast. It was selected for Works in Progress at Warsaw, Tallinn, Vilnius, Trieste and Odessa festivals.

Igor Savychenko, producer at Directory Films, talks about the growing film industry in Ukraine and how co-production is the only way to complete financing.

The film combine everything with poetic fantasy. – «Vitka’s perception is a key for mixing these genres together naturally. Being in her role as part of a childish magical world she reflects sins of adults like a mirror.» – Said Nikitiuk.

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