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Comedy. Directed by Secun de la Rosa

El Cover
Director - Latido Films
Lenguaje - Latido Films
Duración - Latido Films
Género - Latido Films
Productora - Latido Films
Nacionalidad - Latido Films
Calendario - Latido Films
THE COVER - Latido Films


  • Àlex Monner
  • Marina Salas
  • Carolina Yuste


The actor Secun de la Rosa («El otro lado de la cama», «El Bar») makes his directorial debut with an almost ethnological portrait of the human fauna that inhabits Benidorm during summer nights. There, among tourists eager for revelry, a group of aspiring artists survive by working as waiters and moonlighting as cover musicians (performing versions of great hits). One of them is Dani, torn between his love for music and fear of failure. Until Sandra bursts into his life… A vitalist musical, selected at the Malaga Film Festival, which combines great themes from the history of music with original songs, and where the nocturnal lights of Benidorm play a key role. In the cast are three of the Spanish cinema’s most promising young talents: Álex Monner («Rec 3»), Marina Salas («3 Metros sobre el cielo»), and Goya Award winner Carolina Yuste, who offers a hilarious parody of Lady Gaga.


Dani is a young man dealing with a paralysing internal conflict: he would love to be an artist but he is afraid of failing, like his father, and also suffers when he thinks that he may be just another average soul, like his grandfather. To avoid taking a chance, he hides behind the excuse of respecting his authenticity. One summer, between his bartending work and the nights out with his friends, he meets Sandra, who will introduce him to the struggle of anonymous artists, to love and to the true meaning of not being just another average soul.