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Comedy. Directed by Javier Fesser

Director - Latido Films
Lenguaje - Latido Films
Duración - Latido Films
Género - Latido Films
Productora - Latido Films
Nacionalidad - Latido Films
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CHAMPIONS - Latido Films


  • Javier Gutierrez
  • Sergio Olmos
  • Julio Fernández
  • Jesús Lago


A tremendous public success, with over three million viewers in Spain, validates this dramatic comedy that won the Goya Award for Best Film in 2018. It is the fifth feature film by Javier Fésser, known for major hits such as «La gran Aventura de Mortadelo y Filemón” and «Camino» and nominated for an Oscar in 2007 for the short film «Binda y la gran idea.» The movie follows the exploits of a basketball team composed of individuals with intellectual disabilities and their professional coach, who has been «sentenced» to take care of them by a judge after a serious incident. Two-time Oscar winner Javier Gutierrez plays the role of coach. The journey with these characters, full of humanity, kindness, and generosity, becomes a unique experience in life for both him and the audience. In 2023, the sequel, «Championex,» was released, also achieving great success at the box office.


Marco is an assistant coach in Spain’s top basketball league. One day, after getting drunk, his frustration and bad attitude get him involved in a traffic accident that lands him in court. He loses his job and his girlfriend and is sentenced to the worst possible punishment for his ego: coaching a group of intellectually-disabled players that have never touched a ball before. Through their innocence, tenderness and plenty of good humour, they will teach Marco about the things that really matter. They are the true Champions of Life.

With a worldwide gross Box Office of 28 million euros, and sold to more than 50 territories, CHAMPIONS was the most successful Spanish film in 2018. Winner of three Goya awards, including Best Film.