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But, as is usual in this kind of meeting sparks fly and deep-seated grudges resurface, envy, competition and, above all, the perpetuation of roles that have been entrenched since early childhood.

The plot of La casa may not appear to be the height of originality at first. However, the empathy evoked by the characters (we must also highlight the precise performances of the supporting actors Olivia MolinaMarta BelenguerMiguel Rellán and María Romanillos) and situations, as well as a delicate and sensitive use of music and the camera lens, able to appreciate details, nudge the film towards that intimate territory that we all treasure (with grief and memories at the centre), making us relive identifiable sad, emotional and complex moments in our family relationships. This is why the film not only elicited many applauses, but also many tears at the recent Malaga Film Festival.

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